Player Statistics 2016/17

The FA full-timePlayer Statistics for the South East Divisions can be found below. You can also find Player Statistics, as well as other league data, at The FA’s Full-Time site.


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Appearance data for this season is currently unavailable. We hope to have this available soon.

Highest Win Ratio Div 1 2016/17

Highest Win Ratio Div 2 2016/17

PlayerClubAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioLoss Ratio
David CornellSevenoaks Dev2100.000.000.00
Adam SevenoaksWarriors1100.000.000.00
Joshua NewtonSevenoaks Dev1100.000.000.00
Shaye Reid-WatsonSevenoaks PFC2100.000.000.00
Emma SuddesSevenoaks Dev2100.000.000.00
Sam ElliottBrighton & Hove Albion PFC1100.000.000.00
Theo Thomas-AfonsoReading1100.000.000.00
Harry BestwickSevenoaks Dev2100.000.000.00
Damien HillsSeagulls1100.000.000.00
Jadey YesiladaSeagulls1100.000.000.00
Tash McLavertyReading250.000.0050.00
Samuel BaileyReading250.000.0050.00
Robert EwinsWarriors250.0050.000.00
Abigail Bolt-MeadInvicta250.000.0050.00
James HinksInvicta250.000.0050.00
Jack LawsonInvicta250.000.0050.00
Jim MasonInvicta250.000.0050.00
Nicole SmithInvicta250.000.0050.00
Craig SmithReading250.000.0050.00
Rhys MalletReading250.000.0050.00