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We had a query from one of our teams regarding the lower age limit for players in our league. While at a cup game we had an impromptu meeting – there were 4 of us, including our Chairman, to discuss the issue.

As you all know the WFA has put a minimum age of 8 on the national league players, however after discussion, and taking into consideration the fact that we are a development league, and only play on one day, your committee took the view that we will maintain our lower age limit as 5 (same as FIPFA) . We would remind ALL teams, this means we have some very young ears on pitch, and so we will EXPECT all players and coaches to adhere to the rules of the RESPECT code of conduct, AVAILABLE HERE for you all to disseminate to your players. (please note – we do not need you to fill in and return) Anyone using bad language or being abusive will be asked to leave the venue.

The rules and regulations of our league have been updated for this season and are AVAILABLE HERE. The specifications for the Powerchairs – please note – we must all comply with this – ensuring NO overhang at the back of the chair, and numbers visible on the BACK and FRONT, WFA safeguarding guidance is only to use the surname of the player on your banner is AVAILABLE HERE.

Please take the time to read, and if you spot any mistakes please let us know. All the documents referenced are available in the Info section on this site.

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